Muslimiveljeskunta (se egyptiläinen kertsi, joka aloitti koko islamismin), heittää webbisivuillaan aika yllättävää läppää.

Näin ne sanovat:

Freedom, democracy, fraternity, equality, liberty, luxury and progress, which are the European achievements—and partly the human ones—are threatened by globalization. The Danish media and newspapers are no longer only for Danes. The freedom of _expression enables them to write whatever they like, but the problem is that these words now can be read by people who know nothing about freedom of _expression, people who do not want freedom of _expression.

Now Europe has the choice, to restrict the freedom or face the Muslim rage. It has to reluctantly make such a setback. The world is no longer the same; any democratic or developed community can no longer enjoy its achievements, so long as there are retarded cultures and tyrannical regimes. It is a small world! Tyranny, injustice, ignorance and poverty have become the burden of MAN not only the third world countries’.

It is a war. It gets fiercer, while the world gets smaller and smaller. God bless our souls!

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